Learn From Guy Kawasaki’s What the Plus! Kindle Launch

You may have heard of Guy Kawasaki or read some of his books. Guy recently launched his new eBook  What the Plus! on Kindle and iBook.

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His new book is a basic introduction to Google Plus and I recommend it to everyone!

How did Guy Prepare For His Launch? Here is a Basic Timeline:

  1. Guy completes his book and sends it out to a large group of people for review and proofing and he did it through social media.

    “Near the end of the writing process, I asked my closest 1.1 million friends on Google+ if they’d like to test this book. Approximately 240 people responded, and I sent the manuscript to them. Within a week, approximately 100 people provided their feedback. They found 147 typos and twenty-seven factual errors as well as showed me sixty-seven ways to improve the book. (I counted duplicates of advice only once.)”  What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us by Guy Kawasaki


  3. Now Guy is no newbie to publishing or social media.  He has a zillion followers on Google Plus and a special relationship with Google. However you can easily achieve a similar result if you chip away at it…

  5. His launch was timed perfectly with his interview at Google SXSW. Since Guy’s book is sponsored by Samsung, a free pdf version was available for a limited time on his website. This is a brilliant move, of course, the interview is watched by thousands of Guy’s target market.

  7. On his website Guy links to both Kindle and iBook version.

Simple right?

OK, we are not Guy Kawasaki. But learning from the best shows you what can be done.

You may not get interviewed by Google, or get a quintillion eyeballs through social media, however you can connect with movers and shakers on Google Plus and get the word out about your book or book launch!

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