How to Build Your Kindle Book – Kindle Formatting

How to build and format your book for Kindle
One of the most frequently asked questions is how to prepare a book to publish on Amazon Kindle; What formatting rules should you follow and who has the best information on how to build your Kindle book.

Before we dive right in, I’d like to preface this discussion, with the fact the Kindle Publishing is still quite new.

You may have relied on external information for your Kindle formatting and book building questions.

Luckily, the KDP platform and help section has advanced since it’s inception. In fact, Kindle direct Publishing authored Kindle books on how to build your book for Kindle.

Download the FREE official KDP Guides for Building Your Kindle Book

Kindle Editions

How to build your book for the Kindle – PC users

How to build your book for the Kindle – MAC users

PDF Editions – (Right Click and save to your computer)

Building Your Book for Kindle for PC Users

Building Your Book for Kindle for Mac Users

If you are technically oriented and want a great resource on how to convert a book from PDF to Kindle and general Kindle Formatting tips I highly recommend getting Joshua Tallent’s book –

Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide To Formatting Books For The Amazon Kindle

When Should You Break Formatting Rules?

Beware that formatting rules may change if you are publishing a short story or a short Kindle document.

In this case you may opt for less page breaks in the front matter of your book and a more condensed Table of contents (TOC) layout to allow your readers to consume more of your actual writing when they click to look inside your book.

See a live example of this in my Kindle short document – Publishing With Kindle Tips

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