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Are you motivated by greed?

Think Twice Before Publishing a Book Series to Kindle…

Ever since I published Kindle Readers Love SERIALS for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner I received many questions about publishing a series on Kindle. You see most Kindle book series are either wildly successful or a total flop. And having worked with several Kindle coaching clients with either fiction or nonfiction series to Amazon I extracted the [Read More…]

The LowDown

Shelfari’s Shelf Life Has Expired

Shelfari, a popular social network for book-lovers, is being swallowed up by Goodreads. Amazon is the owner of Shelfari, but the company also scooped up Goodreads in 2013, which is a service that offers nearly identical offerings as Shelfari. Amazon has done very little to infuse new life into Shelfari over the years so it [Read More…]

How To Overcome The Discoverability Obstacle

4,000 books are self-published each day. That means that a potential reader needs to find a needle in a haystack if they want to find your book. Discoverability is one of the biggest challenges that self-published authors have to face. Even if your book is found, most books online rarely break 100 sales. If you [Read More…]

Learn From These Facebook Advertising Mistakes

There are more outlets than ever for advertising your book thanks to social media. However, understanding how to sell your book properly on a platform like Facebook isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Author David Penny learned this the hard way when he started advertising his historical fiction novel on Facebook. However, his trial [Read More…]

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